Following a brief stay in San Francisco that included necessary repairs, the Kanrin Maru returned to Japan. The Powhatan carried the seventy plus Japanese embassy, and the two main ambassadors Masaoki Shinmi and Norimasa Muragaki, on to Panama. There, the members crossed the isthmus by train, and again set sail for Washington, DC. The arrival of the Japanese was a major event in America, and congress had provided a $50,000 budget to entertain the embassy. During their stay, they spent three weeks sightseeing in Washington, before visiting Baltimore, Philadelphia, and finally New York. Everywhere they went they were met by local dignitaries, who put on countless balls and receptions in their honor. Large crowds turned out to see them. They were fascinated by the Japanese ambassadors' traditional clothing, top-knot haircuts, and in particular, their prominent samurai swords.