Jazz Triangle 65-77 | LIVE from the Ambassador's Residence

We are proud to present – JAZZ TRIANGLE 65-77, LIVE from the Ambassador’s Residence!
Jazz Triangle 65-77 performed at the Ambassador’s residence in New York City on October 30th. The performance was livestreamed to the Consulate General of Japan in New York’s Official Facebook page.

For future livestreams check out @JapanConsNY on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JapanConsNY

For more about Jazz Triangle 65-77:
- Official Website: https://jazztriangle65-77.weebly.com/
- Facebook @JazzTriangle

JAZZ TRIANGLE 65-77 is a New York based jazz trio featuring Haruna Fukazawa on Flute, Shu Odamura on Guitar, Aki Yamamoto on Bass. They are all Japanese and have musical backgrounds in both Jazz and Classical music. Their unique instrumentation creates a warm, acoustic sound inspired by tradition accented by excitement and contemporary sensibility. JAZZ TRIANGLE 65-77’s repertoire includes many jazz standards and original compositions by members. The fact that all three are not only the instrumentalists, but also composers, creates a strong "TRIANGLE” bond.

Jazz Triangle 65-77 released their debut album in 2017 and have toured throughout Japan. They also had an album release performance at Blue Note, New York. Their new songs for the second album are available on Bandcamp!