Traditional Local Cuisines of Japan is a series introducing the history and food culture of various Japanese locales through their unique kyodo-ryori - timeless regional cuisines made with local ingredients and techniques.
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Latest issue:
Mago-chazuke | Shizuoka Prefecture
- Video
- PDFs: English / 日本語

Issue 12:
Hittumi | Iwate Prefecture
- Video
- Short video(Cooking only): N/A
- PDFs: English / 日本語
Issue 11:
Harakomeshi | Miyagi Prefecture
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- Short video(Cooking only)
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Issue #1:
Aichi Prefecture | Miso Oden
Issue #2:
Yamagata Prefecture | Imoni

Issue #3:
Nagasaki Prefecture | Guzoni
Issue #4:
Kanagawa Prefecture | Yokosuka Navy Curry

Issue #5:
Okinawa Prefecture | Chanpuru
Issue #6:
Hiroshima Prefecture | Uzumi

Issue #7:
Fukushima Prefecture | Kozuyu
Issue #8:
Hokkaido | Chan-chan yaki

Issue #9:
Kochi Prefecture | Oitokoni
Issue #10:
Fukui Prefecture | Echizen Oroshi Soba

Our chefs

SHIMA Yasuhiro
After graduating high school in Aichi, Japan, Mr. Shima entered a culinary school and studied Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisines for two years. Upon graduation from culinary school he joined the culinary team at the ANA Hotel in Nagoya. In July, 2009 he moved on to the Royal Park Hotel and in October, 2018 Mr. Shima took his current post as a chef for the residence of Ambassador Kanji Yamanouchi.
After graduating high school in Yamagata, Japan, Mr. Tsutsumi joined the culinary team at the Century Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo. After stints in The Ritz Carlton Tokyo and the Hyatt Regency Tokyo, he joined the Royal Park Hotel in October, 2010. Finally, in October, 2018 he took his post as a chef for the residence of Ambassador Kanji Yamanouchi.