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Japanese Artifacts

Are you looking for a Japanese doll to display at your school on Japan Day? Would you like to try on a yukata or see what a happi looks like? At the Japan Information Center, we loan various Japanese cultural artifacts to schools, civic organizations and other qualifying groups free of charge. If you are interested in borrowing these items, please visit our movie ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrPU3Hq6hdM ) or call (212) 371-8222 for details.
Purpose : To introduce Japanese culture
Terms: 2 weeks (3-4days for Usu and Kine)
Note:  *If the item is lost or damaged, the items will be replaced with the same one or a similar one.
    *This is not for personal use.
    *pick up / return to the window only.

  1. Dolls

                      --  Japanese Cultural Artifact ()
      Ichimatsu Doll / Kokeshi Doll

  2. Ikebana Set

                      --  Japanese Cultural Artifact ()
       Vase / Scissors / Water frogs

  3. Japanese Cloth
      Yukata (men, women, boys, girls) / Happi coat
                      --  Yukata / Happi Coat ()
                      --  How to wear Yukata ()

  4. New Years

                      --  Japanese Cultural Artifact ()
      Usu / Kine

  5. Education
         Kamishibai ( Traditional type of Picture-showing book )
                      --  Kamishibai (s) ()
                      --  How to play Kamishibai  ()

  6. Toys

                      --  Japanese Cultural Artifact ()
    Traditional Japanese Toys made by wood / mini Luntern

  7. Display

                      --  Japanese Cultural Artifact ()
    Sample food (Osechi, Rice cake, Sushi)

  8. Others

                      --  Japanese Cultural Artifact ()
    Bangasa (umbrella) / Hanagasa (Festival Hat) / Japanese Flags




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