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August 2008
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Prime Minister Fukuda Reshuffles Cabinet
On August 1 Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda carried out a reshuffling of his cabinet and the executive lineup of the Liberal Democratic Party. It was Prime Minister Fukuda's first cabinet reshuffle since his appointment on September 25, 2007, following the sudden resignation of the previous prime minister, Shinzo Abe. At a press conference in the evening of August 1, Prime Minister Fukuda explained the aim of the cabinet reshuffle thus:"I have emphasized policies that will enable people to really feel an improvement in their lives.   Read more..

Ambassador Sakurai Visits Philadelphia
On Tuesday, July 8th, Ambassador Sakurai, accompanied by Mrs. Sakurai, visited Philadelphia and met with Mayor Michael A. Nutter, Honorary Consul General,Dennis Morikawa, and the President of the Japanese Association of Greater Philadelphia, Tomoko Torii. Philadelphia is known as the center of American Independence and the site at which the Declaration of Independence was signed. However, it is not well known that a strong, historic tie connects the city with Japan.
.   Read more.

2008 JET Farewell Reception
The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) Farewell Reception 2008 was held on Friday, July 25th at the residence of Ambassador Sakurai.Through the JET program, 120 participants from the New York area departed for Japan on Saturday, July 26th with great hopes and expectations. The night before their departure, Ambassador Sakurai congratulated the participant's acceptance to the program and sent them off as cultural ambassadors to promote friendship between the U.S. and Japan.
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New York Issued Visas Tops in North America
Statistics on Japanese visas issued in 2007 were released last month, and they revealed that the Consulate General in New York issued 5,871 visas during 2007, the highest amongst Japanese missions in North America. In the Americas, this figure is only second to the Consulate General of Japan in Sao Paulo. The figures also showed that New York is distinct from other missions in the world because of the enormous diversity of applicants. Read more...

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Tops In Techonology And Eco- Friendly
For the last one hundred years, Kawasaki City has been an industrial powerhouse. Kawasaki played a key role in supporting Japan's post-war industrial and economic development as the heart and soul of the Keihin Industrial Zone. Today, the city has evolved into one of the world's top developers of cutting-edge technology,...
Culture Connection
Enjoy Rakugo!
The one-person comic storytelling tradition of rakugo is popular and thriving in Japan. During a typical performance, the performer (called a rakugo-ka), clothed in traditional crested kimono, sits on a platform on the stage (kohza), and tells a funny story that leaves the audience in stitches. It seems deceptively simple but it is the result of years of tradition and practice.
Ambassador Desk

On August 1st, Prime Minister Fukuda reshuffled his cabinet. The most significant result of the reshuffle was that all of the influential figures of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) joined either a new cabinet or the party's executive posts. Among the new faces in the cabinet ministers, Mr. Koumura continues to serve as foreign minister, maintaining Japan's basic foreign policies. ...

Event Calendar
New York performance: Wednesday, September 17
New York Hanjotei, a Japanese Traditional Comedy in English
Kaufman Center, Merkin Concert Hall
Performing Arts Exhibitions
9/18 - 9/20
ARICA Performance Company : KIOSK

Japan Society
11/24 - Fall,08
Cornucopia: Recent Acquisitions in Japanese Art
Philadelphia Museum of Art
5/3 - 10/11
Good Things in Small Packages
Forbes Galleries

6/12 - 10/25
Warriors & Entertainers
/ Japanese Woodblock Prints 

The Alice T. Miner Museum
7/10 - 9/27
The Voice of the Stone -Sculptural Works
Ippodo Gallery

9/12 - 9/18Kutani Renaissance Nippon GALLERY
9/25 - 10/1 Bridge of Colorful Scenes Nippon GALLERY
10/4 - 1/11/2009
New Bamboo: Contemporary Japanese Masters
Japan Society Gallery

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