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September 2008
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Mr. Aso Becomes the New Prime Minister
On September 24, the Japanese Diet elected Mr. Taro Aso as Prime Minister. In the House of Representatives, the country's lower house, 337 out of 478 voted in favor of Mr. Aso. In the House of Councilors, Mr. Aso won only 108 out of 240 while Mr. Ozawa received 125 votes and was chosen as prime minister on the second ballot. However, in accordance with the Constitution, the decision by the House of Representatives takes precedence over that of the House of Councilors and Mr. Aso has become the new Prime Minister of Japan.

2008 Foreign Minister's Commendations
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan announced the recipients (54 individuals and 26 organizations) of the Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendations for 2008. Included were three pioneering women in performing arts and one organization based in New York. The Foreign Minister's Commendations honor those from various fields who have made extraordinary achievements and significant contributions to the promotion of cultural exchange and friendly relations between Japan and other countries.

Japan Studies Program at the Council on Foreign Relations
On September 11th, Dr. Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and renowned foreign affairs expert, invited leaders of the Japanese business community in New York to a dinner reception at CFR's headquarters as a show of appreciation for their support of CFR's new Japan studies program and to express his commitment to invigorate the program using contributions provided by the business community. Ambassador Sakurai, co-hosting with Dr. Haass, delivered congratulatory remarks to open the dinner.
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8 marriages are reported on 08/08/08
Under the Japanese Family Registry Law, Japanese nationals must report their marriage to the city hall, or the Japanese consulate or embassy overseas. Coincidentally, eight couples reported their marriage to the Consulate General of Japan in New York on August 8, 2008. The Japanese family registry system is quite unique. The father, mother and all of their children are registered together as a family at one of the city halls in Japan.Read more...
Culture Connection
Chado "The Way of Tea"
Purity and tranquility in a small, square room - nowadays, more and more Americans have experienced a key element of Japanese traditional culture, Chado, the tea ceremony or literally, "the way of tea." Mr. Sen So-oku, 32 years old, is a chado-ka (tea ceremony practitioner) and successor to the head of the Mushanokoji-senke school of the tea ceremony. In the following interview he expresses his hope that Americans will explore the world of Chado.
Ambassador Desk

In Japan, a new prime minister has just been elected. Unfortunately, since he is the third prime minister in the last two years, people may find it difficult to remember his name. His name is Taro Aso. Previously, he was Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party. He once served as Minister for Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications and subsequently as Minister for Foreign Affairs.

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