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October 2008
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Ambassador Sakurai Visits West Virginia
On September 28th and 29th, Ambassador Motoatsu Sakurai visited West Virginia to meet with political and business leaders as well as to participate in the opening events of the Hino Motors truck assembly plant in Williamstown. Hino is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation that specializes in commercial vehicle manufacturing. This visit was Ambassador Sakurai's second trip to West Virginia since he was appointed ambassador in April 2006...
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NY Hanjotei: Japanese Comedy in the Big Apple
Old time Japanese variety came to New York when the "NY Hanjotei" took center stage at Merkin Concert Hall on September 17. The event, an evening of Japanese rakugo, Japan's traditional comedic storytelling, or "sit-down" comedy, was organized by professional rakugo comedian Katsura Kaishi. The Consulate General co-hosted the evening. At the event, in addition to Katsura Kaishi, three professional rakugoka performed, Master Katsura Sanshi, Katsura Asakichi, and Utsumi Eika.   Read more.

Report of the 2nd Senior Week
The 2nd Annual Senior Week was held from September 12, 2008 to September 21 at JAA Hall. This year, we were happy to have this event co-sponsored by JAMSNET (Japanese American Medical Services Network). "Osekihan", a dish traditionally served at celebrations in Japan, was served to honor our seniors and wish them good health and happiness. The Committee on Aging Issues was established in 2005 to better understand the concerns and needs of our senior citizens.

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Visit Japan
Hamamatsu City :Shizuoka Prefecture
Hamamatsu City is known as the place where Tokugawa Ieyasu, the shogun who founded Japan's Edo Dynasty in the early 17th century, spent his youth. Today, in central Hamamatsu, you can still see Hamamatsu Castle as well as beautiful cherry blossoms. Geographically, Hamamatsu city is 1.25 times as large as New York City. It is blessed with a wide variety of natural landscapes including mountains, ocean front, rivers and lakes.

Culture Connection
Japanese Pop Culture
Japanese pop culture, such as manga (comic books) and anime (animation), is attracting more and more people outside of Japan. In the following interview, Mr. Roland Kelts, a half-Japanese American writer and lecturer, tells us about his observation on this phenomenon as well as his teaching experience in Japan.
Ambassador Desk

In Japan, the new Prime Minister Taro Aso formed his cabinet. On September 25, only about twenty-four hours after he was appointed prime minister, Mr. Aso flew to New York and addressed the U.N. General Assembly on behalf of the Japanese Government. In his speech, Prime Minister Aso issued a clear message to the international community that Japan would pursue world peace and happiness through economic prosperity and democracy.

Event Calendar
October 4, 2008 through January 11, 2009
New Bamboo :
Contemporary Japanese Masters

Japan Society
November 7 - November 11, 2008
Miyabi: Kimekomi Mataro Dolls

The Nippon Gallery
at The Nippon Club
11 / 6
Harmonia Opera Company "En Saga" & more

Merkin Concert Hall
11 / 22 & 23
Saeko Ichinohe Dance Company "The Tale of Genji"

The Ailey Citigroup Theater
11 / 23
3:00- 8:00-
"Poetry in Motion" by Sachiyo Ito
Tenri Cultural Institute

9 / 22 -10 /31
"Assemblage Collage"
The NY Law School
10/ 1 - 10 / 30
Consulate Gallery

10 / 15 - 10 / 24
Nippon Gallery (Nippon Club)

10 / 23 - 11 / 23
10 / 29 - 11 / 4
Nakanome Mokkai - A-Ryu
Nippon Gallery (Nippon Club)
11 / 1 - 11 / 9
"Wa"-brings peace and balance to your life
Gallery Seasons

10/ 26
"Nuances of Peace 2008"
Roone Arledge Auditorium
11 / 3
World Concert Tour of Anna Saeki 2008
Florence Gould Hall
11 / 23   7:00-
The exciting sounds of the Japanese Drums
Symphony Space

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