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November 2008
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Literary Scholar Donald Keene Awarded the Order of Culture
In recognition of his profound impact on the study and understanding of Japanese literature around the world, renowned scholar Donald Lawrence Keene, Professor Emeritus at Columbia University, was awarded the Order of Culture by the Japanese government. The award was presented at a ceremony held at the Imperial Palace on November 3rd. Professor Keene is among the very few non-Japanese to receive the Order of Culture, the only previous recipients being the crew of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Four Japanese Scientists Receive Nobel Prizes
On October 7 the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that it will award the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics to three scientists: Yoichiro Nambu (87), professor emeritus at the University of Chicago; Makoto Kobayashi (64), a professor emeritus at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization based in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture; and Toshihide Masukawa (68), a professor at Kyoto Sangyo University. On the following day, the academy further announced that it awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Osamu Shimomura (80), professor emeritus at Boston University...

Hiroshima Tourism Fair Held at the Ambassador's Residence
On October 27th, the Consulate General of Japan in New York co-hosted a fair at the Ambassador's official residence promoting the City of Hiroshima as a destination for international conferences and other types of tourism. This event was co-hosted by the Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau (HCVB), with support from the Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) New York Office. During his presentation, Mayor Akiba spoke enthusiastically about Hiroshima's cultural assets, history and traditions, natural beauty, and tourism resources...
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The International MANGA Award 2009
As part of the active use of pop culture in public diplomacy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to establish the International MANGA Award in 2007, to honor manga artists who contribute to the promotion of manga overseas. The Committee gives the International MANGA Award to the best cartoon entry. In addition, the Encouragement Award ("Shorei" Award) goes to three other distinguished works, along with commendation certificates and trophies. . .Read more...
Culture Connection
Preserving History - Looking Back on 40 Years as a Conservator
"I am also an artist. I went to art school and studied drawing. I found fascinating commonalities between the basic sketching skills I was practicing and the Greek/Roman style of expression that you find in the sharp lines of the human body, for instance, drawn on a terracotta vase with one-stroke. I instantly knew that these were the models I wanted to learn from. With an aspiration to study more from antiquities, I took the technical exam to join the Met, ..." - Mr. Shinichi Doi
Ambassador Desk

On November 4th, election excitement filled the United States. I have experienced five presidential elections here since 1980. But this time, with a campaign that lasted almost two years, enthusiasm ran higher than ever. It made me realize once again how strongly involved people were in this election and politics in general. I was impressed by the devotion of volunteers on both sides, as well.

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