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December 2008
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Rena ‘Rusty’ Kanokogi, “Mother of Women’s Judo”, is Honored
On November 3, 2008, Rena ‘Rusty’ Kanokogi, President, NY State Judo, Inc., was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette for her outstanding contributions to the promotion of judo. The conferment ceremony took place at Ambassador Sakurai’s residence on November 24th.
Rena ‘Rusty’ Kanokogi is known for her extraordinary role promoting the sport worldwide and for blazing a path that would make the Japanese martial art an official women’s Olympic event.
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Ambassador Hosts Japan-U.S. Networking Event for Young Business People
On November 7th, the Consulate hosted a “Japan-U.S. Young Business People Networking Event” at Ambassador Sakurai’s residence. The event was held in collaboration with Columbia Business School’s Japan Business Association (JBA) and the Center on Japanese Economy and Business (CJEB). It was made possible by the initiative of Mr. Natsuki Tsuda and Mr. Hiroyuki Kubo, Co-Presidents of the JBA, who hope to expand their group’s networking activity beyond the business school.   Read more.

Dr. Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Is Restored
The memorial grave of internationally renowned scientist Dr. Hideyo Noguchi (1876-1928) was restored, thanks to a financial contribution from the Japanese Medical Society of America (JMSA). The unveiling ceremony was held in the Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx on November 15. Referring to Dr. Noguchi’s contributions to medicine and bacteriology, and his unwavering dedication until his last breath in search of cures for diseases, the Ambassador commented, “Dr. Noguchi was more than a gifted doctor and scientist;..."  Read more

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Historic City Reborn: Tome City, Miyagi Prefecture
In Japan, 2005 was known for the culmination of “Heisei no daigappei“, a year when many local cities and towns merged and re-organized. Nine towns in northeastern Miyagi Prefecture were no exception; they combined to become one city on April 1, 2005, and so Tome City was born. Tome City is an agricultural city with a population of approximately 88,000. It is famous throughout Japan for its high-quality rice varieties like “sasanishiki” and “hitomebore”.

Culture Connection
Haiku Poems in Translation
Beginning in 1644 in Ueno, Matsuo Basho wandered north and south of Edo in search of places that would inspire his poetry. In his journeys he wrote 1,012 single haiku poems, which made him Japan’s most revered haiku poet. His journals serve as a beacon for writers of many genres in Japanese literature.

Ambassador Desk

The year is coming to a close and I am sure all of you are quite busy. In Japan, we call December “shiwasu”, literally meaning “teachers running around,” because it is such a busy time of year. 2008 was certainly eventful. Both in Japan and the U.S. new leaders were born. In Japan, Prime Minister Aso took office in September and in November Barack Obama was elected president after a historic race.

Event Calendar
Saturday, January 10, 2009
Hogaku: New Sounds of Japan 2009

Asia Society
Performing Arts Exhibitions
Jan.23, Feb.13,
Mar.13, Apr.17,
May 22,2009

Japan Society

10/4 - 1/11/2009
New Bamboo: Contemporary Japanese Masters
Japan Society Gallery

11/7 - 1/31, '09 CHICARA Liquid Chrome Ippodo Gallery
12/4 - 23
"Trace" by Emi Uchida
Onishi Gallery

12/ 8 - 19
"comma,-in between"
Consulate Gallery (Consulate General of Japan in NY)

12/ 16 - 20
Japanese Calligraphy by Yoshiko Sakuma with Ryokan Ara
Nippon Gallery (Nippon Club)

1 / 8 - 14 "JAPANESE MOOD" The Nippon Gallery

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