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May 2009
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The Capt. Whitfield - Manjiro Friendship Memorial House Opens in Massachusetts
In Fairhaven, MA, a memorial museum was opened and dedicated to John Manjiro, who was the first Japanese person to live on the mainland of America and who later became an important advisor to the Tokugawa Shogunate during the opening of Japan. Dr. Hinohara, 97, is a physician still in active practice. He leads a group of Japanese supporters moved by the story of John Manjiro and Captain Whitfield.
Japan’s Domestic and International Efforts to Overcome the Economic Crisis
The Japanese government has laid out a stimulus package of an unprecedented scale in an attempt to face down ever- grimmer prospects of a domestic economic downturn. In what is called an “economic crisis measure” announced on April 10, a total of 15.4 trillion yen, equal to nearly 3% of the nation’s GDP, is appropriated in fiscal spending to generate immediate demand and boost longer-term growth potential.
A Ride as Smooth as Tofu – Japanese Bullet Train
"Still bleary-eyed with jet-lag, I took a bus to Tokyo Station, bought an economy class train ticket for the bullet train, and waited on the platform. I was surprised that the departure time was posted as 6:13 pm (not a round number). As the gleaming train silently glided into the station, it resembled an elegant white snake with a proud, high forehead and tapered nose. I boarded the train and marveled at the sleek interior design. Then I settled into my plush seat, ..."

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Culture Connection
Tracing the Legacy of Military Commander Date Masamune
Date Masamune (pronounced “da-té”) (1567-1636) was a samurai feudal lord who laid the groundwork for the city of Sendai and its surrounding areas in Tohoku, northern Japan. Even today, Masamune is one of the most popular warriors in Japan; many books were written about him and his story is repeatedly dramatized for TV.
Ambassador Desk

Dr. Hinohara, a 97 year old physician, still in active practice, inspires many Japanese people through his books and talks. He visited New York after the Fairhaven ceremony and gave a speech about how to have a positive life, touching on the life and legacy of John Manjiro. Seeing the active and vigorous Dr. Hinohara was an inspiration for me.

Event Calendar
Opening Friday, May 29
Selected Theaters in NYC
Exhibition: July 10-August 29
Art Student Exhibition

ISE Cultural Foundation Gallery
3/13 - 6/14 KRAZY!
Japan Society
4 / 16 - 6 / 27 Yayoi Kusama GAGOSIAN GALLERY
4 / 18 - 6 / 19
Inner Voices
Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden

5/6 - 6/26
by appointment
New Work by Kentaro Hiramatsu
Susan Eley Fine Art
5/15 - 6/26
"With My Eyes Closed"
ISE Cultural Foundation Front Gallery
Exhibitions Cultural Events Other
6 / 2-16 "Unconditional Love" by Mio Ueno The Nippon Gallery
6/14 3:00pm- 4:00pm"Body Discipline and Healing Arts"
Tenri Cultural Institute
5/31 Japan Day @ Central Park 2009
Central Park East Meadow

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