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October 2009
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Ambassador Nishimiya Visits Philladelphia
Ambassador Nishimiya visited the City of Brotherly Love on October 13th. He was invited by the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia to give a keynote speech at the organization's 1st Annual Business Luncheon at the Union League. The event was attended by more than 150 people, including Mayor Michael Nutter, who offered the day's welcoming remarks. Ambassador Nishimiya's 40-minute speech focused on the Japan-U.S. relationship in the wake of the recent change of government that took place in Japan in September. In his prepared remarks, he briefed the audience on Japan's direction...
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Welcome Back for Former JET Program Participants
On October 17, a welcome back reception hosted by the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) and the Consulate General of Japan was held for Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) participants at the Nippon Club. The JET participants recently returned from Japan after completing their stints as Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) or Coordinators for International Relations (CIR) in various locations throughout Japan. Ambassador Shinichi Nishimiya expressed his sincere appreciation to the former JETs, thanking them for their accomplishments...
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"Art of the Samurai" Opens at the Met
Art of the Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armor: 1156-1868 opened at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on October 21st. It is the first comprehensive exhibition that focuses on the contrasts between the martial prowess and cultural achievements found among Japan's samurai, who became the dominant social class during the Heian Period (8th to 12th centuries) and controlled Japan for hundreds of years before disappearing at the end of the Edo Period in the 19th century. The samurais' swords and armor developed practical functions as weapons as well as unique aesthetic and decorative qualities.
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Visit Japan
Himeji-jo Castle
World Heritage Sites in Japan: Himeji-jo Castle
Japanese castles are historical legacies in which Japan's traditional sense of beauty becomes crystal clear. Among these castles, Himeji-jo Castle is the most widely recognized and admired as a monument of great historical value and picturesque brilliance. Those who enjoy the architectural value and aestheticism of the Japanese culture should make a point to visit this castle.
Culture Connection
A Conductor and his Orchestra : A Bridge between Cultures
"Although I abandoned the academic life and became a conductor of classical music, Viscount Ishii's speech has remained the most important philosophy of my professional career. His speech stresses how important it is that Japan and the United States, as civilized countries, share the same values of loyalty, liberty, equality and the supremacy of law." - Reona Ito
Ambassador Desk

On October 13th, the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia gave me the opportunity to attend their 1st Annual Business Luncheon at the city's historic Union League. I had the honor of giving a keynote speech about the Japan-U.S. relationship in the wake of the recent change of government in Japan.

Event Calendar
October 9, 2009 to January 17, 2010
Serizawa: Master of Japanese Textile Design
Japan Society
November 21 & 22
Japanese Arts Matsuri (JAM) 2009

Polish & Slavic Center
Performing Arts & Films Exhibitions
11/ 12-22
Japanese Musical "Talk Like Singing"
NYU Skirball Center
10/8 - 1/23/ 2010
"Six Decades"
           by Kazuo Shiraga

McCaffrey Fine Art
23 East 67 st. ,NYC

10/9 - 11/7

hpgrp gallery
New York - S. Project Space

10/15 - 11/13 Shigeru Uchida "HAKO" Ippodo Gallery
Art of the Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armor
Metropolitan Museum
10/29 - 31
Autumn Through My Eyes
The Nippon Gallery at The Nippon Club

11/ 3- 8
Parade of Daydream
Ouchi Gallery
11/ 4 - 6 Regional Resource "WAJIMA" Nippon Club
Music Other
11/ 4
Harmonia Opera Company
28th Anniversary Performance
"Mumyo and Aizen"

Merkin Concert Hall
11/22 "Nuances of Peace VI" Merkin Concert Hall
10/17 - 11/15
Kiku in the Japanese Autumn Garden
The New York Botanical Garden

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