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November 2009
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President Obama's Visit to Japan
President Barack Obama visited Japan on November 13th and 14th as the first destination during his trip to Asia. During his stay in Japan, President Obama had a bilateral summit meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, participated in a joint press conference with the Prime Minister, attended a working dinner hosted by Mr. Hatoyama, gave a speech on US policies towards Asia at Suntory Hall in Tokyo and was a guest at a luncheon hosted by Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress at the Imperial Palace.
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Tottori, the Food Capital of Japan, Comes to New Yorkd
On October 28th, an exhibition promoting Tottori Prefecture as "The Food Capital of Japan" was held at Ambassador Nishimiya's
residence. The event was jointly organized by the Tottori Prefectural Government and the Consulate General of Japan in New York.This occasion gave the people of New York a rare opportunity to learn about the distinctive food, drink, and crafts of Tottori,and it was a valuable chance for the western prefecture of Japan to market its products in a city that launches new culinary trends and sets international standards of taste.   Read more.
2009 Foreign Minister's Commendation
On November 17, Mr. Mamoru Takahara, Music Director & Conductor of The New York Symphonic Ensemble, was honored with the 2009 Foreign Minister's Commendation for his contribution to the promotion of mutual understanding and cultural exchange between Japan and United States of America through music. During a conferment ceremony, Ambassador Shinichi Nishimiya presented a Certificate of Commendation on behalf of the Foreign Minister of Japan to Mr. Takahara. Ambassador Nishimiya expressed his sincere appreciation...   Read more
The 20th Anniversary of His Majesty the Emperor's Accession to the Throne
On 7 January 1989, upon the demise of Emperor Hirohito (posthumously Emperor Showa), His Majesty Emperor Akihito acceded to the throne as the 125th Emperor of Japan. The Ceremony of Enthronement was held at the Imperial Palace on 12 November 1990. From abroad, representatives of 158 countries, including monarchs, heads of state, and the heads of two international organizations attended the ceremony.
Ambassador and Consul-General Nishimiya’s Award to Mr. Hideki Matsui of the New York Yankees
On November 13th, Ambassador and Consul-General Shinichi Nishimiya awarded the Consul-General’s Commendation to New York Yankee and 2009 World Series MVP, Hideki Matsui at the Ambassador’s official residence in Manhattan. Read more...
Ambassador Desk
In Japan, we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of His Majesty the Emperor's Accession to the Throne and welcomed President Barack Obama as he visited Japan as the first stop during his most recent trip to Asia. In New York, I awarded the Consul-General's Commendation to NY Yankee and World Series MVP, Mr. Hideki Matsui and presented the 2009 Foreign Minister's Commendation to Mr. Mamoru Takahara, Music Director & Conductor of the New York Symphonic Ensemble.
Event Calendar
December 2 - 15, 2009
Miraculously Colorful Paintings by Irie Kazuko: Wonders of the Silk Road
The Nippon Gallery at The Nippon Club

10/8 - 1/23/ 2010
"Six Decades"
           by Kazuo Shiraga

McCaffrey Fine Art
23 East 67 st. ,NYC

10/9 - 1/17/2010
Master of Japanese Textile Design

Japan Sociey
Art of the Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armor
Metropolitan Museum
Exhibitions Music
11/13 - 1/2/2010 Volcano Lovers ISE Cultural Foundation
1/9/2010 Hogaku: New Sounds of Japan Asia Society

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