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March 2010
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"Washoku-Try Japan's Good Food!"
On February 26th, the Consulate General of Japan in New York hosted a reception at the Ambassador's official residence to promote the "Washoku - Try Japan's Good Food"campaign. This three-hour afternoon event was intended to help deepen understanding of Japanese cuisine by allowing attendees to experience high-quality food ingredients such as yellowtail, high-end Japanese wagyu beef, nagaimo yam (or Chinese yam), and premium strawberries. All preparations were made by the Head Chef at the Ambassador's residence, Mr. Yusuke Higuchi.
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"Japan-US Relations Remain Unaffected," says Ambassador to UCONN Stamford
On March 4th, Ambassador Nishimiya gave a speech on "Japan-US Relations"at the University of Connecticut Stamford. The invitation was extended by the University, as well as from the Japan Society of Fairfield County headed by President Harry Sakamaki. In the speech, the Ambassador stated his strong belief that the relationship between Japan and the US would remain the very foundation of Japan's foreign policy and for the prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region. The speech was delivered at GenRe Auditorium with approximately 80 people in attendance.
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Japanese Americans Vibrant in the U.S.-Japan Relationship
The Japanese American community in the United States is a diverse and vibrant one. It is also a community that, as a whole, has a significant role to play in continuing to enhance the partnership between the U.S. and Japan. This month, three events
in which the New York Consulate got involved helped bring members of this community together to further unlock its potential. The centerpiece of this effort was the Japanese American Leadership Delegation's (JALD) trip to Japan at the beginning of the month. JALD, which is celebrating its 10th Anniversary...
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Visit Japan
Japan for the First Timer
Since majority of international flights arrive Tokyo, the 101 route to experience Japan basics starts from the capital city. Tokyo is the most technologically advanced city in the world; Get ready for the super modern city life that is mixed in the traditional culture.
Culture Connection
Get to Know Japan : The Teacher's Workshop at the Consulate-General of Japan
Teachers enroll in a unique in-service course entitled "An Introduction to Japan: History and Culture."As a 30 hour course divided into fifteen sessions, it is given under the auspices of and with the approval of the After School Professional Development Program (ASPDP) of the New York City Department of Education, and sponsored by the Japan Information Center of the Consulate-General of Japan in New York.
Ambassador Desk
On March 11th, I attended a preview for the "Graphic Heroes, Magic Monsters: Japanese Prints by Utagawa Kuniyoshi from the Arthur R. Miller Collection"exhibit. My friend, Joe Earle, Director of the Japan Society Gallery and organizer of the
exhibition, pointed out in his press release that Kuniyoshi's ukiyoe work is considered to be the prototype for Japanese manga and animation, which are quite popular in the US.
Event Calendar
Saturday, April 10, 1 pm - 1 am
j-Cation: Taste of Japan
Japan Society
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Various Locations
Performing Arts Cultural Events
3/ 27-4/ 25
"ENJOY by Toshiki Okada" 59E59 Theaters
4/23 & 25
The Legend Of Flowers
23rd - Clark Studio Theater
25th - Queens Botanical Garden

4/16 MATSURI 2010 Columbia University
12/17/09 -6/6/10 5,000 Years of Japanese Art
The Metropolitan Museum
4/23 - 4/29 Ceramic Competition Nippon Club

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