Summer 2015
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Matcha, the powdered green tea enjoyed in Japan for centuries, is currently taking New York by storm.
Lately, Matcha lattes are finding their way onto restaurant menus, and cafes dedicated to the bright green drink are popping up around the city... Read more >>
With its beautiful natural scenery, rich culture, and bustling cities, Japan has always been a natural tourist destination. Currently, however, Japan is experiencing a tourism boom, as more and more people are choosing to travel to the land of the rising sun... Read more >>
Have you ever heard of suikawari? It's a fun Japanese game that ends in a sweet summer treat! If you've ever smashed open a pinata at a birthday party, suikawari will sound familiar. Instead of breaking open a papier-mache donkey to get to the candy inside, however, you crack open a watermelon...Read more >>
Every year, bright young people from around the world come to Japan to teach English at local schools and participate in cultural exchange. The program, known as the Japan Exchange ana Teaching Program, or JET, was started in 1987 with 848 participants from 4 countries. Today, it is one of the largest exchange programs in the world... Read more >> To many Americans, the sight of a surgical mask conjures up unpleasant memories of their last trip to the dentist. So it's no surprise that a New Yorker may be confused, or even alarmed, to encounter someone on the street or subway wearing a white mask over their nose and mouth. In Japan, however, this is a common sight...Read more >>
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