Japan Info Newsletter

Japan Info is the free electronic newsletter of the Japan Information Center at the Consulate General of Japan in New York. Our newsletter is published and distributed throughout the year to several thousand individuals in various corporate, academic, and community organizations, as well as anyone in the general public who has an interest in Japan.

The articles in Japan Info are meant to introduce readers to a wide range of topics and upcoming events, with an emphasis on highlighting connections with Japan in the greater New York area.

Recent Issues


    1. Prime Minister Noda Holds Summit Meeting with President Obama
    2. Conferment Ceremony for Mr. Shinichi Doi
    3. NYAWC and CGJ in NY to Assist Domestic Violence Victims
    5. Harlem Week Takes Part in Japan Relief Efforts
    6. Visit Japan - Hidden Gems: The Buddhist Golden Pure Land
    7. Culture Connection - Japanese Language and Literature Courses at LaGuardia Community College
    8. From the Ambassador's Desk
    9. Tokyo String Quartet
    10. Event Calendar
    1. 2010 Foreign Minister's Commendation
    2. Seiji Ozawa to Take the Conductor’s Podium at Carnegie Hall
    3. New Yorkers Discover the Charms of Ishikawa
    5. The Art of Cut Paper in Philadelphia
    6. Visit Japan - Faster and Further on the Bullet Train
    8. From the Ambassador's Desk
    9. Contemporary Dance 101: What exactly is Contemporary Dance?
    10. Isamu Noguchi and his Friends
    11. Event Calendar
    1. The 65th anniversary of the end of World War II
    2. Japanese Training Squadron and Ambassador Nishimiya Visits Maryland
    3. Alumni Unite to Stress the Value of the JET Program
    4. Dr. Hinohara & "Freddie" convey the importance of life
    5. Friendship through flowers - Ikebana Demonstration
    6. Visit Japan - Izumo: City of Myths and Dream / A once in a lifetime journey
    7. Culture Connection - The Japanese Embassy of 1860 Visits Philadelphia
    8. From the Ambassador's Desk
    9. Last chance to see the Samurai...
    10. Visit Twelve Nations in One Day
    11. Event Calendar
    1. A New Prime Minister Takes Charge
    2. Samurai in the Park: Japan Day 2010
    3. New York Celebrates the Anniversary of Japan-NYC Ties in Style
    4. Ambassador Nishimiya Visits Buffalo
    5. Japan Coast Guard Training Vessel "Kojima" Visits New York City Again
    6. Japan's Asteroid Probe Mission Successfully Returned to Earth
    7. Visit Japan - Exploring Authentic Japanese Food
    8. Culture Connection - Painter Mizue Sawano Celebrates Japan-NYC Friendship
    9. From the Ambassador's Desk
    10. Samurai are Coming to NYC Again!
    11. JAPAN CUTS is Back Again
    12. Event Calendar
    1. Ambassador Nishimiya visits Puerto Rico
    2. Visit Japan Campaign Reception
    3. Culture Connection - Japan Information Center: Cultural Items
    4. From the Ambassador's Desk
    5. At the 150-Year Milestone, The Future of U.S.-Japan Collaboration
    6. Thank You New York for 150 Years of Friendship! Japan Day @ Central Park
    7. Event Calendar
    1. "Washoku-Try Japan's Good Food" Reception held at the Ambassador's Residence
    2. Ambassador Nishimiya's Speech at UCONN Stamford
    3. Japanese Americans Vibrant in the U.S.-Japan Relationship
    4. Visit Japan-Japan for the First Timer
    5. Culture Connection - The Teacher's Workshop at the Consulate-General of Japan in New York
    6. From the Ambassador's Desk
    7. j-Cation: Taste of Japan
    8. Cherry Blossom Festivals: Spring Signature Celebration
    9. Event Calendar
    1. Japan’s Aid to Haiti
    2. The U.S.-Japan Alliance: Strong and Deepening
    3. Decoration Conferment Ceremonies
      Honors for Mr. Nobuyoshi Kuraoka
      Dr. Richard Wood Honored
    4. Visit Japan-Welcome to Chiba Zoological Park
    5. Culture Connection - School Caravan Program
    6. From the Ambassador's Desk
    7. ENJOY by Toshiki Okada
    8. Tamagawa University Taiko Dance Group
    9. Event Calendar
    1. Japan-NYC 150 : A Commemoration of the First Japanese Diplomatic Mission
    2. Japanese Weekend School Alumni Reception
    3. Culture Connection - The Otaku Generation
    4. Visit Japan - SHIMANE PREFECTURE: Japan's Hidden Treasure
    5. From the Ambassador's Desk
    6. Music From Japan 2010 : 35th Anniversary Season
    7. Raku-go in New York by Katsura Koharudanji
    8. Five Thousand Years of Japanese Art: Treasures from the Packard Collection
    9. Event Calendar
    1. Japanese entrepreneurs meet future business leaders in NY
    2. Dean Takamura of CUSSW Honored by the Government of Japan
    3. WV Governor Manchin Met Japanese Company Executives at the Ambassador’s Residence
    4. Director of JIC Mr. Sugiyama Speakes on Japan-US relations
    5. Visit Japan-NARA 1300th Anniversary: Celebrate the First Capital of Japan
    6. Culture Connection -Japan Foundation, New York
    7. From the Ambassador's Desk
    8. Hogaku: New Sounds of Japan 2010
    9. Kurosawa Festival
    10. Event Calendar
    1. President Obama's Visit to Japan
    2. Tottori, the Food Capital of Japan, Comes to New York
    3. 2009 Foreign Minister's Commendation
    4. The 20th Anniversary of His Majesty the Emperor's Accession to the Throne
    5. Ambassador and Consul-General Nishimiya's Award to Mr. Hideki Matsui of the New York Yankees
    6. From the Ambassador's Desk
    7. Miraculously Colorful Paintings by Irie Kazuko: Wonders of the Silk Road
    8. Event Calendar
    1. Ambassador Nishimiya Visits Philladelphia
    2. Welcome Back for Former JET Program Participants
    3. "Art of the Samurai" Opens at the Met
    4. Visit Japan - The World Heritage Sites in Japan : Himeji-jo Castle
    5. Culture Connection - A Conductor and his Orchestra : A Bridge between Cultures
    6. From the Ambassador's Desk
    7. Serizawa: Master of Japanese Textile Design
    8. Japan Arts Matsuri (JAM) 2009
    9. Event Calendar
    1. Inauguration of the Hatoyama Cabinet
    2. PM Hatoyama in NY
    3. PM Hatoyama in Pittsburgh
    4. Culture Connection - Japanese Elementary Schools: More than Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic
    5. From the Ambassador's Desk
    6. Art of the Samurai
    7. Talk Like Singing
    8. Event Calendar
    1. House of Representatives Dissolved: General Election to Be Held on August 30
    2. First Japanese to Complete Extended Stay on the International Space Station
    3. Farewell Reception for 2009 JET Participants
    4. Japan Info X-tra - Bon Appétit with Self-Made Japanese Dishes!
    5. Visit Japan-World Heritage Sites in Japan: Yakushima
    6. Culture Connection -Netsuke - The Art of Utility
    7. From the Ambassador's Desk
    8. Inori : Japanese Calligraphy Exhibition by Fuyoh Kobayashi
    9. Arisumi Mitamura Urushi Art: Glittering Moments in Time
    10. Event Calendar
    1. G8 Summit 2009 in L’Aquila
    2. Professor Setsuko M. Nishi of CUNY Honored by the Government of Japan
    3. Japan Coast Guard Training Vessel “Kojima” Visits New York City
    4. Japan Info X-tra - The Young People’s Chorus of New York City Departs for Japan Tour
    5. Culture Connection -The Story of Kanrin Maru and the First Japanese Diplomatic Mission to the US
    6. From the Ambassador's Desk
    7. Buriki: Japanese Tin-Toys from the Golden Age of the American Automobile
    8. X : 10th Anniversary Exhibition
    9. Event Calendar
    1. 45,000 New Yorkers Flock to JAPAN DAY @ CENTRAL PARK 2009
    2. Mr. Yoshisada Yonezuka, President of Judo Karate Center Inc. in NJ is Honored
    3. Ambassador Nishimiya Visits West Virginia
    4. Japan Info X-tra - It’s Easy to Visit Japan : Visa and Quarantine Checks
    5. Japan Info X-tra - Going Global? JETRO Can Help
    6. The World Heritage Sites in Japan: Spiritual Heart of Kumano and Ancient Pilgrimage Routes
    7. Culture Connection -TAIKO: The Ancestral Japanese Drum
    8. From the Ambassador's Desk
    10. The World of Integration
    11. Event Calendar
    1. The Capt. Whitfield - Manjiro Friendship Memorial House Opens in Massachusetts
    2. Japan’s Domestic and International Efforts to Overcome the Economic Crisis
    3. A Ride as Smooth as Tofu – Japanese Bullet Train
    4. Culture Connection - Tracing the Legacy of Military Commander Date Masamune
    5. From the Ambassador's Desk
    6. Departures
    7. Art Student Exhibition
    8. Event Calendar
    1. Ambassador Nishimiya Takes Office
    2. Ambassador Nishimiya Visits Philadelphia
    3. Ms. Toshiko Calder of the Princeton Community Japanese Language School is Honored
    4. Japan Info X-tra - JETAANY Hosts First Author Showcase
    5. Visit Japan - The World Heritage Sites in Japan: Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto
    6. Culture Connection -Manga as a Tool for Learning Japanese
    7. From the Ambassador's Desk
    8. Experience the Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Japan - JAPAN DAY @ CENTRAL PARK
    9. Event Calendar
    1. U.S.-Japan Summit Meeting
    2. Prime Minister Aso Meets with Japanese American Delegation
    3. 13th Annual Japanese Speech Contest in Pittsburgh
    4. Second Annual September 11th Teacher Award Goes to a Japanese Teacher in Long Island
    5. Organization to Promote Japanese Restaurants Abroad (JRO)
    6. Culture Connection -The World of J-Cinema:Lights, Cameras, and Reality
    7. From the Ambassador's Desk
    8. KRAZY! The Delirious World of Anime + Manga + Video Games
    9. Here Comes Cherry Blossom Season!
    10. Event Calendar
    1. Japan: A Cornerstone of U.S. Foreign Policy - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
    2. Meeting of Japanese Ambassador and Consul Generals in the U.S.
    3. The 2009 Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia is Just around the Corner
    4. Visit Japan - Greetings from Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO)
    5. Culture Connection -Life Lessons from a Samurai
    6. From the Ambassador's Desk
    7. Robotic workshop
    8. Awaji Puppet Theater Company
    9. Woodblock Printing Exhibition: "A Celebration" by Naoko Matsubara
    10. Event Calendar
    1. The Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendation Award to the Japanese Medical Society of America
    2. Graduates of the Japanese Weekend Schools in Greater New York Reunite
    3. Tea Ceremony Lecture and Demonstration in Pittsburgh
    4. Japan Info X-tra - Statistical Overview on Americans and Foreigners Living In Japan
    5. Japan Info X-tra2 - DuPont-Columbia University Awards 2009 Goes to “Independent Lens, Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story”
    6. Culture Connection - Shakuhachi - Sound of the Earth and the Inner Mind
    7. From the Ambassador's Desk
    8. The Young People’s Chorus of New York City
    9. Old Noritake: Kakei Collection
    10. Event Calendar
    1. Rena ‘Rusty’ Kanokogi, “Mother of Women’s Judo”, is Honored
    2. Ambassador Hosts Japan-U.S. Networking Event for Young Business People
    3. Dr. Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Is Restored
    4. Visit Japan - Historic City Reborn: Tome City, Miyagi Prefecture
    5. Culture Connection -Haiku Poems in Translation
    6. From the Ambassador's Desk
    7. Oshogatsu Events - Japanese New Year in New York
    8. Hogaku: New Sounds of Japan 2009
    9. Event Calendar
    1. Literary Scholar Donald Keene Awarded the Order of Culture
    2. Four Japanese Scientists Receive Nobel Prizes
    3. Hiroshima Tourism Fair Held at the Ambassador’s Residence
    4. Japan Info X-tra - The International MANGA Award 2009
    5. Culture Connection -Preserving History - Looking Back on 40 Years as a Conservator
    6. From the Ambassador's Desk
    7. Monthly Classics Best of Tora-san
    8. The Consulate Gallery
    9. Event Calendar
    1. Ambassador Sakurai Visits West Virginia
    2. NY Hanjotei: Japanese Comedy in the Big Apple
    3. Report of the 2nd Senior Week
    4. Visit Japan - Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
    5. Culture Connection -Japanese Pop Culture
    6. From the Ambassador's Desk
    7. New Bamboo at Japan Society
    8. Miyabi: Kimekomi Mataro Dolls
    9. Event Calendar
    1. Mr. Aso Becomes the New Prime Minister
    2. 2008 Foreign Minister’s Commendations
    3. Japan Studies Program at the Council on Foreign Relations
    4. Japan Info X-tra - 8 marriages are reported on 08/08/08
    5. Culture Connection -Chado "The Way of Tea"
    6. From the Ambassador's Desk
    7. Second Annual Kiku Flower Show and Cultural Exhibition
    8. The Doll Sisters
    9. Event Calendar
    1. Prime Minister Fukuda Reshuffles Cabinet
    2. Ambassador Sakurai Visits Philadelphia
    3. 2008 JET Farewell Reception
    4. Japan Info X-tra - New York Issued Visas Tops in North America
    5. Visit Japan - Kawasaki City; Tops In Techonology And Eco- Friendly
    6. Culture Connection -Enjoy Rakugo!
    7. From the Ambassador's Desk
    8. New York Hanjotei, a Japanese Traditional Comedy in English
    9. Event Calendar
    1. Japan Welcomes World Leaders to G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit
    2. Climate Change Tops Summit Agenda
    3. Japan Coast Guard Training Vessel "Kojima" Visits Baltimore
    4. Culture Connection - Spend Summer with Haruki Murakami
    5. Culture Connection - The Ancient Roots of Manga: The Choju Giga Scrolls
    6. From the Ambassador's Desk
    7. Tapestry in Architecture: Creating Human Spaces
    8. Art Student Exhibition 2008
    9. Event Calendar
    1. African Development Conference in Yokohama
    2. Japan Day @ Central Park 2008
    3. PA Governor Rendell met CEOs of Japanese companies
    4. Japan Info X-tra -Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize Awarded
    5. Japanese and Japanese American Artists’ Art Exhibition in New York
    6. Visit and Enjoy Wakayama
    7. Culture Connection - 1000 Years of the Tale of Genji
    8. From the Ambassador's Desk
    9. Film Forum Celebrates Fifty Years of Actor Tatsuya Nakadai
    10. Event Calendar
    1. Diet Stalemate
    2. New Jersey’s “Cherry Blossomland”
    3. 20th Ship for World Youth
    4. Japan Info X-tra - Japan Day Returns to Central Park
    5. JETRO Launches a New Website
    6. Luncheon in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on April 9
    7. Culture Connection - Anime, Manga and their American Audience
    8. From the Ambassador's Desk
    9. Japanese Photo and Video Art Post Asia’s Economic Crash of 1990
    10. Young Gifted Pianist Aimi Kobayashi Returns to Carnegie Hall for Concert
    11. Event Calendar
    1. Japan Society's 100 Years Marked at Gala Dinner in Tokyo
    2. Fine Kaga Cuisine from Ishikawa Prefecture
    3. Japanese JIZAKE ~ Artisan Sake Tasting at the Ambassador's Residence ~
    4. Visit Japan - Sakai City
    5. Visit Japan Campaign Night
    6. Culture Connection - Japanese Resources at the New York Public Library
    7. From the Ambassador's Desk
    8. Made of Lacquer: The Innovative Art of Shibata Zeshin
    9. Takashi Murakami: Blurring the Lines of Art and Pop Culture
    10. Spring Means It’s Cherry Blossom Season!
    11. Event Calendar
    1. Prime Minister Fukuda Unveils Global Warming Initiatives
    2. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke Meets With Japanese Press and Business Community
    3. Dr. George Packard Honored by Government of Japan
    4. Japan Info X-tra - GAGA OVER GAGAKU
    5. Japan Info X-tra 2 - JAA Selects New President
    6. Culture Connection - John Manjiro: The First Japanese to Live in the U.S.
    7. From the Ambassador's Desk
    8. Creating Something New Out of Something Old
    9. An Exhibition of Hope
    10. Event Calendar
    1. New Antiterrorism Special Measures Bill Enacted
    2. Japanese Sensei Gather in Texas
    3. Japan-US Relations 2017
    4. Japan Info X-tra - Government of Japan Honors Mr. Philippe de Montebello
    5. Visit Japan - Invitation to Tokyo
    6. Culture Connection - New Year celebration-Oshogatsu
    7. From the Ambassador's Desk
    8. The Art of Japan - JAPAN! Culture + Hyperculture
    9. Event Calendar
    1. Japanese and US Leaders Agree to Further Strengthen Alliance
    2. Ambassador Sakurai Visits Delaware
    3. Smooth as melting snow: the Akita Sake & Products Fair
    4. Japan Info X-tra - Japanese and U.S. Universities Forge New Ties
    5. Culture Connection - A Japanese Food Critic's Perspective on New York's Japanese Cuisine
    6. From the Ambassador's Desk
    7. Asia Society Events in 2008
    8. The Salon Series Turns Ten
    9. Event Calendar
    1. Marine Self-Defense Force Halts Refueling Activitieso
    2. Edo on the East Side
    3. Journey Across the Pacific: A Japanese American in Japan
    4. Japan Info X-tra - New Immigration Procedure to Start November 20th
    5. Visit Japan Hiroshima: International City of Peace and Culture
    6. Culture Connection - Exciting New English Releases from Japanese Publishers
    7. From the Ambassador's Desk
    8. The Winds of God -Kamikaze-
    9. Unheard Notes
    1. New Fukuda Cabinet Inaugurated, Komura to become Foreign Minister
    2. Stronger Ties between West Virginia and Japanese Corporations
    3. JAA Marks a Century of Service with Gala and “Senior Week”
    4. Japan Info X-tra - Local Centenarians Honored by Japanese Government
    5. Culture Connection - The World of Japanese Crafts in New York
    6. From the Ambassador's Desk
    7. Making a Home: Japanese Contemporary Artists in New York
    8. Contemporary Japan through the Eyes of Two Women
    1. Report from Puerto Rico
    2. Cranes for Peace
    3. American Educators Visit Japan
    4. Visit Japan - Saitama City
    5. Culture Connection - Healing with Origami
    6. From the Ambassador's Desk : Change is in the Air
    7. The 3rd Biennial New York Butoh Festival
    8. Kiku: The Art of the Japanese Chrysanthemum
    1. Taking Pop Culture Seriously: International MANGA Award
    2. LDP Suffers Defeat in Upper House Elections; Abe to Continue as Prime Minister
    3. Ambassador Sakurai Visits West Virginia and Pennsylvania
    4. Culture Connection - Go in New York
    5. Music to Our Ears
    6. Event Calender/Featured Events
    1. Japan Day Report
    2. Leaders Hold Talks at G8 Summit
    3. Honors for Achievements Building Japan-US Ties
    4. Visit Japan - Yamagata
    5. Culture Connection Japanese Anime Classic
    6. From the Ambassador's Desk
    7. Featured Events
    1. New York’s Year of Japan
    2. Heisei Nakamura-za to Make Triumphant Return to New York
    3. Masterpiece Comes to Philadelphia’s Japanese House and Garden
    4. Event Calendar March 2007-June 2007
    5. When Spring is in the Air the Cherry Blossom Seas on is Upon Us
    6. Japan Day @ Central Park
    7. Decorations Awarded
    8. Kita-Kyushu Where the Past Meets the Future
    9. Japanese Gardens -Poetic Harmony
  • Winter 2007
    1. Prime Minister Abe and President Bush Hold First Bilateral Talks
    2. Ambassador Sakurai’s Visit to Pittsburgh
    3. Centennial Celebration at Japan Society
    4. Event Calendar December 2006-March 2007
    5. International Restaurant and Foodservice show of New York 2007
    6. Japan Day @ Central Park
    7. 100 Years of Community Service
    8. Miyagi, The Jewel of Northern Japan
    9. A Sweet Tradition
  • Fall 2006
    1. The Koizumi-Bush Friendship,2001-2006
    2. Recent Cultural Exchange Award Recipients
    3. Books: The "Silent Ambassadors" of Global Understanding
    4. Event Calendar September 2006-December
    5. The NHK Symphony Orchestra Plays Carnegie Hall
    6. The (Ukiyo-E) Art of Pleasure
    7. Welcome to the "Land of Fuji"
    8. The Enduring Value of JET
    9. Learning Japanese the Sumo Way
  • Summer 2006
    1. Message from Ambassador Sakurai
    2. United Nations at a Crossroads
    3. EVENT calendar July 2006-September 2006
    4. Taking Chances and Telling Stories
    5. The Evocative Sounds of the Asian Artists & Concerts Orchestra
    6. Government of Japan to Confer Awards
    7. "Mensore!" Welcome to Our Subtropical Resort
  • April - May 2006
    1. Japan Awaits a Democratic China
    2. Finance Minister Sadakazu Tanigaki Speaks on Japan's Economy
    3. Best Friends: Buckminster Fuller and Isamu Noguchi
    4. EVENT calendar April 2006-May 2006
    5. Chiune Sugihara: Still Making A Difference
    6. The Origin of Japanese Tradisions
    7. Asian Artists Get an Assist
  • February - March 2006
    1. East Asia Summit to Play Significant Role for an East Asian Community
    2. Foreign Minister of Japan Makes First Visit to the U.S.
    3. Farewell from Ambassador Ando
    4. EVENT calendar February 2006-March 2006
    5. Happy Anniversary!! Donald Keene Center
    6. Japan's Winter Wonderland
    7. Geisha Old and New
  • December 2005 - January 2006
    1. President Bush Visits Kyoto-- U.S.-Japan Summit Meeting
    2. Taro Aso, New Foreign Minister
    3. Legendary Film Director Yoji Yamada Visits New York
    4. Astronaut Soichi
    5. EVENT calendar December 2005-January 2006
    6. Beyond Tradition (New Year Celebration)
    7. Yokosuka - A Gateway to Japan
    8. The JET Program  An Inspirational Journey
    9. Sumo Wrestling As a Cultural Bridge
  • October-November 2005
    1. Prime Minister Koizumi, Endorsing Reforms,Wins Big
    2. Helping the victims of Katrina
    3. Ambassador Ando's Visit to Puerto Rico
    4. That Obscure Charm of J-Cinema
    5. EVENT calendar October-November 2005
    6. Exploring the Roots of Japanese Cinema
    7. New Director for the Japan Information Center in NY
    8. The 2006 JET Program
    9. Japan's First Modern City
    10. New Directions in Japanese Home Design
  • August-September 2005
    1. Helping to Raise Awareness of Issues Facing the Elderly
    2. Former JAA President Receives Award
    3. Rice Balls and "Onigiri" in the Major Leagues
    4. Japanese Tales Take Manhattan
    5. EVENT calendar August-September 2005
    6. Anime!! at MoMA
    7. Young Lions and Jazz Greats Celebrate Yuzo Kayama
    8. The Kiriko Festival in Noto
    9. The FMF Experience (FMF Fall 2004)
  • June / July 2005 Vol.1
    1. Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura Speaks on the Japan-US Global Partnership
    2. A Bridge Between Cultures
    3. IN OUR REGION… Japan Society of Fairfield County
    4. Bringing the Japanese Stage to New York
    5. Big Fun and Big Explosions
    6. A Great Opportunity For Those Who Seek It
    7. Murakami's "Little Boy"
  • April / May 2005 Vol.12 NO.6
    1. REPORT FROM ACEH: Tsunami-Hit Areas Need Ongoing Assistance
    2. EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan - Nature'S Wisdom
    3. Steamboy - Anime Epic Film Now Playing at Theaters Near You!
    4. School Caravan - Bring Japan to Your Classroom!
    5. 2005 Special Olympics World Winter Games In Nagano, Japan
    6. Think Pink! Cherry Blossom Festivals In Our Region
    7. IN OUR REGION ... Japan America Society of Pennsylvania
  • February / March 2005 Vol.12 NO.5
    1. Skiing Japan’s Snow Country
    2. Japan’s Assistance to Tsunami-Stricken Asian Nations
    3. Plays Present Memories of WW II, Japan's First Visitor to America and Japanese Folktales
    4. Briefly Noted...    Recent Awards and Announcements
    5. Award Winning Film: "Nobody Knows"
    6. IN OUR REGION...   Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia
  • December 2004 / January 2005 Vol.12 NO.4
    1. The Great Wave: Encounters Between Gilded Age America & Meiji Era Japan
    2. UN Reform - The Need for a New Security Council
    3. Tokyo Hosts Donor Committee Meeting On Iraqi Reconstruction
    4. Hoop Dreams - Yuta Tabuse, "The Jordan of Japan"
    5. KINGYO: The Artistry Of The Japanese Goldfish
    6. Professors Gerald L. Curtis And Amos B. Smith, III Honored By Japanese Government
    7. READERS’ COLUMN: Want to learn more about Japan? Here’s how……
  • October / November 2004 Vol.12 NO.3
    1. THE PICTURE OF SELF-DISCOVERY: Exploring Identity Through Photographs
    2. The Museum Of Modern Art Counts Down To November 20 Reopening
    3. Touring The Tournaments - Japan's National Sport Of Sumo
    4. A Healthy Mind, A Healthy Body - Health Sports Day In Japan
    5. Pacific Overtures - Groundbreaking Musical Returns To Broadway
  • August / September 2004 Vol.12 NO.2
    1. From 'Old Japan' To 'Japan Cool': The Fantasy Of Japan In 150 Years Of American-Japanese Interaction
    2. The Image Of Japan In The United States:2004 Gallup Public Opinion Survey
    3. Japan Joins Multinational Force In Iraq
    4. The 2004 "JET" Set: Some Personal Profiles
    5. Noguchi Museum Reopens Following Extensive Renovation
    6. Japan Information Center Welcomes New Director
    7. Summer Heat Getting You Down? A F"EEL" Good Solution
    8. The Kindness Of Strangers And Wonders Everywhere
  • June / July 2004 Vol.12 NO.1
    1. Takeuchi Yoshimi: Rethinking "Westernization"
    2. Foreign Ministry's Commendations Awarded To Area Residents And Groups
    3. Under The Big Top: Edo Kabuki And Japanese Performances At Lincoln Center
    4. JCPA-Japan Dialogue During A Memorable Visit
    5. Get Found In Translation!
  • April / May 2004 Vol.11 NO.6
    1. 150 Years Of U.S.-Japan Relations
    2. Reconstruction of Iraq: Japan's Strategic Partnerships
    3. Economic Trends in Japan: A Steady Renewal
    4. A "Big Apple" Day for All-Star Yankee Outfielder Hideki Matsui
    5. Maestro Kurt Masur Presents Salon Concert
    6. A Growing Rice Stalk
    7. JET AA International Conference Held in New York
  • February / March 2004 Vol.11 NO.5
    1. "COOL" JAPAN - Japanese Pop Culture Goes Global
    2. Japan-Asean Commemorative Summit
    3. SDF Being Dispatched To Iraq For Humanitarian And Reconstruction Assistance
    4. Three-Day Symposium Explores Technology And Tradition In Contemporary Japanese Architecture
    5. The Last Samurai - Bringing History To The Silver Screen
    6. Sakura - The Cycle Continues ...
  • December 2003 / January 2004 Vol.11 NO.4
    1. Japanese Cinema - A Continuing Discovery
    2. Japan's Assistance For The Reconstruction Of Iraq
    3. A Global Partnership For Africa's Development
    4. Government Of Japan To Honor Professor Michael Ira Sovern
    5. Mansaku-no-kai Kyogen, Featuring Three Generations Of The Nomura Family, Has Three Evenings Of Performances At The Japan Society.
    6. "BUDDHA" - Osamu Tezuka's Manga Masterpiece Now Available
    7. People And Things
  • October/November 2003 Vol.11 NO.3
    1. Japan's First Diplomatic Mission To America
    2. Prime Minister Koizumi Re-elected Liberal Democratic Party President and Reshuffles Cabinet
    3. Noma Award Winner Honored
    4. Oribe And The Arts Of Sixteenth-Century Japan
    5. Yasujiro Ozu: A Centennial Celebration
    6. Japan Society Appoints Dr. Frank L. Ellsworth President
    7. JET Program Recruitment 2004
  • June/July 2003 Vol.11 NO.1
    1. Japan and New York in the Nineteenth Century
    2. Professor Donald Keene Honored By Consulate
    3. Prime Minister Koizumi And President Bush Hold Texas-Style Summit
    4. Bon Odori Folk Dance Festival
    5. An Evening Of Renku And Dance
  • April/May 2003 Vol.10 NO.6
    1. Japan - U.S. Relations: A Strategic Partnership For The 21St Century
    2. Japan Backs United States Iraqi Freedom Operation
    3. Bridging Change In Asia: New York Looks To Korea And Japan
    4. Miyazaki Spirits Away His First Oscar
    5. 2003 New York - Tokyo Friendship Amateur Ceramic Competition
    6. "Are You Foreign?"
    7. Japanese Government Scholarship Programs
  • February/March 2003 Vol.10 NO.5
    1. A Foreign Correspondent's View of Japan
    2. Godzilla Returns?Eo Yankee Stadium
    3. Japan Dispatches Aegis Ship to Support Anti-Terrorism Operations
    4. Macbeth at BAM
    5. Harbingers of Spring: Cherry Blossom Festivals for One and All
    6. Eight-Headed Snake Attacks Town, Internationalizes Citizens
    7. Want To Learn More About Japan? Join Our Workshop
  • December 2002/January 2003 Vol.10 NO.4
    1. Never More Than 80 Letters
    2. Two Japanese Awarded Nobel Prizes
    3. Government of Japan to Honor Mr. Herbert Keppler and Professor Rustum Roy
    4. Consulate General Participates in Pittsburgh Events
    5. Yoi otoshi wo!
    6. The 36 Million Yen Question - Why?
  • October/November 2002 Vol.10 NO.3
    1. Looking Back On 9/11 - Some Personal Reflections
    2. BOO! Japanese Ghost Stories
    3. Charity Piano Recital Features Takeshi Kakehashi
    4. Harmonia Opera Company Presents The American Premiere of Kesa and Morito
    5. Prime Minister Addresses Council On Foreign Relations
    6. Prime Minister Koizumi Makes Historic Visit to North Korea
    7. Program Recruitment 2003
  • August/September 2002 Vol.10 NO.2
    2. Japan "A Dependable Ally"
    3. JET Pre-Departure Orientation
    4. Buffalo Ceremony For Consuls General Of Japan
    5. WWW.CGJ.ORG
    6. Japanese Language Proficiency Test
  • June/July 2002 Vol.10 NO.1
    1. The World Cup Comes to Japan and Korea
    2. Dr. Roy Hiroyuki Ashikari and Mr. Appleton Fryer Honored by Government of Japan
    3. "Visit New York 1000" Tourism Initiative Supports New York's Recovery
    4. Japanese Directors Retrospective
    5. Japanese Taiko Group To Perform In New York City
    6. Japanese Government Scholarships Available
  • April/May 2002 Vol.9 NO.6
    1. An Alliance and a Friendship
    2. Ambassador Yoshiro Nishida, Japan's New Consul General in New York
    3. President Bush's Visit To Japan
    4. Kabuki Master Visits Ground Zero
    5. The New Way Of Tea - Major Two-Part Exhibition on Contemporary Tea Practice And Arts
    6. Jumping From French To Japanese?
  • February/March 2002 Vol.9 NO.5
    1. A New Year, A "Golden" Opportunity
    2. Tokyo Hosts International Conference On Reconstruction Assistance To Afghanistan
    3. Minister Of State For Economic And Fiscal Policy Outlines Japan's Economic Recovery Strategy
    4. Music From Japan Festival 2002 New York
    5. Seton Hall Hosts "Japan Week 2002: Hope For The 21st Century"
    6. Abe Fellowship Program
  • December/January 2002 Vol.9 NO.4
    1. Japan Celebrates Birth of Princess
    2. Responding to the Challenge of Terrorism: Emerging Issues for Japan and The United States
    3. A Japanese New Year Celebration Planned by the Japan Society of Fairfield County
    4. Government of Japan to Honor Dr. Asao Hirano
    5. SUSHI: From Traditional Cuisine To Fast Food
    6. When You're a JET
  • October/November 2001 Vol.9 NO.3
    1. Japan Stands By The United States
    2. Prime Minister Koizumi Makes Diplomatic Visits
    3. Anti-Terrorism Special Measure Law
    4. A Message to the People of New York
    5. Traditional Japanese Design: Five Tastes
    6. Autumn Holidays in Japan
  • August/September 2001 Vol.9 NO.2
    1. Lessons In Character
    2. Koizumi And Bush Meet At Camp David For Summit Talks
    3. Japanese Foreign Minister To Honor Ms. Miyoko Watanabe And Mr. Hisashi Yamada
    4. Japanese Poetic Calligraphy - A Year-Long Celebration At The Newark Museum
    5. A Lifelong Experience - Reflections On The Japan Education And Teaching (JET) Program
    6. New Opportunities For Shinto Studies At Columbia University
  • June/July 2001, Vol.9 NO.1
    1. Is There Light At The End Of The Tunnel For Japan'S Ailing Economy? By Taichi Sakaiya
    2. Japanese Cartoon Culture The Focus Of Revolutionary Art Exhibition
    3. New Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi Inaugurated, Forms New Cabinet
    4. Japonisme Collection Highlights
    5. Reflections On The Japan Exchange And Teaching (JET) Program
  • April/May 2001, Vol.8 NO.6
    1. Breaking Barriers and Fostering Cross-Pacific Friendships Through The U.S.-Japan Foundation
    2. Government Scholarships Offered for College, Graduate School and Teacher, Technical Training Studies in Japan
    3. 25th Anniversary Cherry Blossom Festival in Branch Brook Park, New Jersey
    4. New Installation in Arts of Japan Galleries the Metropolitan Museum of Art
    5. Reflections on the JET Program
  • February/March 2001, Vol.8 NO.5
    1. Africa And Japan In The New Century
      (Summary and Excerpts from a speech by Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, 
      Gallagher Estate, Midrand, Republic of South Africa, January 9, 2001)
    2. Japanese Folk Dancers To Perform For Delaware'S Multicultural Education Day
    3. Teachers' Workshop On Japanese Life
    4. School Caravan Program Travels To Schools
    5. Kikunokai Dancers, An Elegant, Passionate, Exquisite Traditional Japanese Dance Company, Comes To New York March 9 To 11
    6. Pan Asian Rep's "RASHOMON"
  • December/January 2001, Vol.8 NO.4
    1. Japan's Ninth Nobel Laureate, Hideki Shirakawa, Shares 2000 Nobel Prize In Chemistry
    2. Government Of Japan Honors Ambassador William Clark, Jr. And Miss Mari Eijima
    3. 2000 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leader's Meeting Issues "Leaders' Declaration"
    4. "RASHOMON" To Be Staged By Pan Asian Repertory Company
    5. Gifted Young Japanese Pianists To Perform With Ilya Itin At Carnegie Hall
    6. Itsuo Kiritani: The Surrealism Of Modern Life