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Return of World War U Artifacts Return of World War U Artifacts
Organizations in New York Area Flower Arrangement (Ikebana) & Tea Ceremony, Japan Related Groups and Organizations ,Japanese American Related Groups and Organizations, Japanese Community Newspapers /TV Stations, Japanese Grocery Stores, Japanese Language Schools, Japanese Speaking Lawyers, Japanese Study & Language Education, Japanese Translation and Interpreting Services
FAQ on local information FAQ on Local Information. such as instruction about flower arrangement and/or tea ceremony ,Japanese food, Japanese newspaper,etc
ministry of foreign affair of japan The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs of Japan / Official Web Site
The official Japan guide offering tools to visit Japan.
Plan your Tokyo tour, Kyoto travel or visit to any other Japanese city with information on Japan trip planning, culture, festivals, tours, guides, history, and much more. Plan your Japan tour today!
fpcj Foreign Press Center Japan / Japan Brief
A handy report which gives up-to-the-minute background information with comments of major Japanese newspapers, in plain and concise form, on news items on the Japanese economy, politics, diplomatic activities, society, business, culture, and other matters of interest.
ODA Japan's Official Development Assistance Japan's Official Development Assistance.
web japan Your gateway to the ever growing information about Japan on the World Wide Web. Covers news, sports/leisure, business/economy, travel, science, education and a whole lot more.
invest japan INVEST JAPAN is the contact/information desk on Direct Investments to Japan. The purpose of this desk is to offer you a point of contact that will handle all and any general questions you may have regarding matters on investing in Japan.
Japan Media Arts Plaza MAP = Media Arts Plaza is the official site which supports creative activities and development of media arts.
Starting with an offering for subscriptions, announcement of award-winning works, information about exhibition of award-winning works, this site offers various information including introduction of award-winners, and commentaries on keywords in media arts, program exhibitions and columns.
Keizai Koho Center Keizai Koho Center (KKC) Japan Institue for Social and Economic Affairs
The KKC gathers information at all levels of Japanese society and shares that information with the world.
Nipponia NIPPONIA is a quarterly magazine introducing contemporary Japanese culture and society to people all over the world (available online in English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish and Russian). The print version of the magazine is available at Japanese Embassies and Consulates.
Highlighting Japan Highlighting JAPAN
Information about the Japanese Government
through articles & images
japan atlas Japan Atlas offers easy access to the unique features of Japan by clicking "Index by Region" and/or 7 areas of interest:Historic Sites, Festivals, Architecture, Nature, Traditional Crafts, Advanced Technology and Communities.
the virtual museum The Virtual Museum of Traditional Japanese Arts offers a comprehensive view of traditional Japanese culture and pastimes. Among the works of art shown are many that have been designated national treasures.
tokyo past and present Insights into the life and culture of modern Tokyo and its former incarnation Edo, the shoguns' capital of which 2003 marks the 400th anniversary. Tokyo Past and Present also provides suggestions for visitors and on enjoying a stay in Tokyo.
trend in japan Short, engaging dispatches on the latest trends in Japanese business and economy; science and education; society; sports; and fashion, arts, and entertainment. Monthly features give you a more in-depth look at what's happening in Japan.
kids web japan A cool site for exploring Japan virtually. Get answers to questions, glance at the annual calendar and see what's happening, check out the news or see what's cool now in Japan.
japan links Contact information for government-affiliated bodies, nongovernmental organizations and more. Links to administration, industry, media, society, culture and education.
regions and cities Take a virtual tour of Japan by accessing information resources and Web sites of Japan's prefectures and major cities. Each prefecture is introduced with data and photos of local features.
journey through japan About Japan provides educators and specialists in Japan Studies a space for sharing, discussing and developing teaching ideas and resources about Japan, especially as they relate to K-12 classrooms. The site features thought-provoking essays; classroom-ready lesson plans; an area for asking and answering questions; resources including historical documents, maps and images; and member profiles.
performing arts network in japan Performing Arts Network Japan is a site dedicated to disseminating information about the stimulating and highly diverse Japanese performing arts scene.
japan center for asian historical records Japan Center for Asian Historical Records is a full-fledged digital archives providing Japanese modern historical records of relationship with various neighboring countries and regions, access through the Internet.
JETRO JETRO, or the Japan External Trade Organization, is a government-related organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world.
Japan local government center The Japan Local Government Center . Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR), New York
japanese chamber of commerce Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York, Inc.
Japan foudatopm Japan Foundation is the first specialist organization for international cultural exchange in Japan.
Japan foudatopm Translations of Japanese Laws.
Ministry of Justice, Japan.
u.s.-japan 150th Japan-US Relations 150th Anniversary (2003~2004) Special Website
In 1854, the two countries made it official by signing a Treaty of Peace and Amity. Our two nations have traveled a long road together during the last century and a half.