Spring 2016

Sakura in NYC
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Nihon Minka

Off the Beaten Track

Undoubtedly, the two most popular destinations in Japan are Tokyo and Kyoto.... Nevertheless, while these places remain extremely popular many tourists are choosing to eschew conventional tours and locations to travel...

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Kariya Parking Area

Highway Rest Areas:
Just Places to Stop?

Japanese rest areas have evolved from places for drivers to take a break, gas up, and stretch their legs, to destinations in their own right. Some rest areas even have unexpected...

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Central Park

Japan Day 2016 – The 10th Anniversary

Originally conceived as a way for the Japanese community in New York to say thanks for the warm hospitality shown by the city and its residents, Japan Day has grown into one of the most highly anticipated summer events in...

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"Koban" in New York City?

If you are ever in Japan and lost and do not know the way around you could ask a stranger for directions, or you could go to a koban. Koban, or “police boxes,” are small police stations that serve local neighborhoods....

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Kids’ Korner:
Going to School - First Grade

In Japan the school year begins in April and ends in March. Imagine going to school for the first time on a cool spring day, the warm sun on your face, surrounded by cherry blossoms...

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