"Forward Together!" | Web Art Exhibition by the Nippon Club

Ambassador's Award

The Nippon Club Open Call for WEB Art Exhibition"Forward Together!" was presented online at The Nippon Club WEB Gallery from September 17 to October 14, 2020. This exhibition was held in order to support the creativity of artists who were homebound in the tristate area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fifteen winning artists were selected and seven artists were honored with the Ambassador's special award (The Nippon Club official website:https://nippongallery.nipponclub.org/Exhibitions/Details/1/1).
These artworks have been installed in the Ambassador's official residence and will remain until February of 2021.

Artists who have received the Ambassador's Award are as follows:

Tomoko Hayakawa
"Like the flowing river"
Ryoichi Miura
Ayaka Nishi
Kyoko Shinozuka
"Central Park Four Seasons"
Keico Watanabe
"Jazz Sounds of New York City"
Karin Yamamoto
"Only Intermission"
Hiroko Yokotagawa
"Power to grow"