Message from Ambassador Mori


Ambassador Mikio MORI
Consul General of Japan in New York
Ambassador MORI
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Since the New Year’s Day earthquake on the Noto Peninsula, our American as well as Japanese friends, people of many nations have sent caring thoughts and donations to the survivors. We express our sincere gratitude to all who have contributed, and with you, we mourn the lives lost in this disaster. In hopes for the region’s swift, sound recovery from this tragedy, and in line with the Government of Japan’s broader initiatives to help the region, our office has established a fund to facilitate timely, meaningful donations to the people in need and relevant organizations. Details can be found here.
As Consul General, Ambassador of Japan in New York for almost two years now, I recognize that friendships between the Japanese and American people have never been closer, and the Japan-U.S. relationship has never been stronger. In a time of global challenges, it is crucial to strengthen collaborations between Japan and the United States, showcasing a robust alliance to the world. In April, Prime Minister Kishida is scheduled to make an official visit to the United States. I will do my part to deepen bilateral relations by enhancing Japan's presence in the global, economic and cultural hub of New York. This includes promoting unique facets of the culture and soft power of Japan, while highlighting the contributions and activities of the Japanese community and business network. The goal is to create cross-cultural connections with the American people, while also renewing recognition among the Japanese people that we can "energize Japan from New York."
We look forward to furthering these goals at the 3rd Japan Parade scheduled for May 11th, and we welcome your participation. We will continue to support Japan-U.S. exchanges and to strengthen community solidarity through events related to tourism, public relations, culture, business, and more.
Ensuring the safety of Japanese nationals residing overseas is a crucial responsibility of the Consulate General. In this pivotal presidential election year in the U.S., we are committed to providing them with vital, updated information through consular emails, the official website, social media, and other means. Consulate staff work closely with members of the Japanese community so that we can all live safely with peace of mind.
Throughout this year, I plan to visit several regions within the Consulate General’s jurisdiction, which includes New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia, Fairfield County of Connecticut, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, to foster exchanges between local communities and the Japanese companies and nationals residing in those areas.
As always, we greatly appreciate your continued support of the Consulate General’s activities and of the survivors of the Noto Peninsula earthquake.