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2014 Consul General's Commendation

21 March 2014
The Japanese Consulate-General in New York announce that the Consul-General's Commendations will be extended to the following individual and 3 organizations who/which have made remarkable contributions in a variety of fields related to Japan.
  • Rabbi Marvin Tokayer
    Achievements: Outstanding contributions in the promotion of mutual understanding between the Japanese and the Jewish Community through the publishing of many books, including ones in the Japanese language, and public lectures.
  • NY de Volunteer
    Achievements: Significant contributions to promote mutual understanding between the Japanese and Americans through a wide range of volunteer work such as intercultural exchanges and providing programs for seniors at nursing homes in the greater New York communities.
  • Clarkstown Central School District
    Achievements: Important contributions to strengthening the friendship and mutual understanding between the Japanese and the Americans by developing and advancing Japanese language education and being the first school district to offer Japanese language programs at the high school level in New York State. [Moreover, the District has actively carried out exchanges with educational institutions connected with Japan.]
  • LaGuardia Community College, The City University of New York
    Achievements: Remarkable contributions to the promotion of friendship between Japan and the U.S. and to the institutional enhancement of Japanese programs [under the strong initiative of its president], through the execution of a wide range of exchanges and the establishment of Japanese as a major for students.
For further details of the Awardees' achievements, please click on names listed above.
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