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Cherry Blossom Festivals

April 12, 2007


Photo of Cherry Blossom


Following Washington DC’s National Cherry Blossom Festival, cherry blossom festivals will bloom in various places in the New York region.

Sakura, or cherry blossoms, is one of the best-known symbols of Japan, and its national flower. April, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, has a special meaning for Japanese people. April is the time when changes take place; the beginning of a new school year, and when college graduates start their brand new careers. Therefore, cherry blossoms and April are very meaningful to Japanese people. The Japanese often enjoy “Hanami”, or watching cherry blossoms, by gathering in parks, enjoying food and sake.

Here are a few Cherry Blossom Festivals in the New York area that people can take advantage of:

Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) - April 7 to May 6.

The BBG has a collection of over 220 cherry trees in 42 varieties.
An exhibition by Kako Ueda, “Flowers and Insects", is open at the Steinhardt Conservatory Gallery. On April 28th and 29th, the 26th annual Sakura Matsuri (festival) will be held at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, celebrating its 25th anniversary of Sakura Matsuri. There will be many performances, a tea ceremony, a film screening, and many more events.

Essex County Cherry Blossom Festival - April 15th to 22nd.

This festival will include the Essex County Cherry Blossom Run, a Cherry Blossom Gala, a Cherry Blossom Concert, a Bicycle Tour, as well as other events.

Other Cherry Blossom Festivals will be held at:

  • Japan Society of Fairfield County - “Ohanami” on May 6th
  • City College of New York Cherry Blossom Festival on April 26th
  • The Seventh Annual White Plains Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival held at Turnure Park on May 6th.

For further information, please see our Event Calendar or the Brooklyn Botanic Garden website , Essex County Cherry Blossom Festival,Japan Society of Fairfield County,White Plains Cherry Blossom Festival

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