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Tora-san's Shattered Romance (Otoko wa Tsuraiyo – Junjo Hen-)

Date & Time:
Thursday, July 26th :10:30am- & 3:30pm-
Japan Information Center Gallery
Consulate General of Japan
299 Park Avenue (bet. 48th & 49th Street), 18th Floor
New York, NY 10171
No registration required & free of charge ( Photo ID required & seats are limited )
Our lovable Tora-san, an itinerant street vendor, continues as usual his so-called "business trip". He happens to help a penniless girl go home in Kyushu. It is Shibamata, his faraway hometown in Tokyo, which occupies his heart during his endless, vagabond journey.
Meanwhile, at Shibamata, his Uncle, Aunt, his sister Sakura, and Hiroshi, her husband are discussing about Tora-san. They have lent his room to Yuko, a beautiful wife who is to stay there for a while separate from her husband. They rejoice at Tora-san's absence for they know it would cause a trouble if he saw such a beautiful woman. But it is at that very time that Tora-san suddenly comes home. He angrily tries to go away when he learns his room has been occupied. Upon seeing Yuko, however, Tora-san loses his heart to her and decides to stay.
One day, Hiroshi, Tora-san's brother-in-law, asks him to tell Umetaro, his boss, to permit him to quit his tiny printing factory to start his own work. Tora-san agrees and takes no time to go to Umetaro. But before he speaks a word, Umetaro tearfully begs him to persuade Hiroshi to remain at his factory, because he cannot run it without Hiroshi, the best worker there. The good-natured Tora-san falls into a dilemma and vaguely tells both parties that everything has been settled.
Hiroshi and Umetaro, both happily believing that their respective wishes have been fulfilled, hold a banquet. As they drink, however, their misunderstandings are revealed and reproaches are centered on Tora-san, the arbitrator.
The trouble is settled at last when Hiroshi gives up his independence. After that, however, Tora-san becomes even more crazy about Yuko.
Tora-san's love to the beautiful wife faces an unhappy ending again, just as his family feared, when Yuko's husband shows up to take her home. Deeply disappointed, Tora-san sets out on his endless journey again.
New year comes. One day, the girl Tora-san once helped in Kyushu visits Shibamata. She is now happy with her husband. They talk of Tora-san, expecting he is active at work as usual in a certain remote town…
Produced in January 1971 by Yoji Yamada
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