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The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays

Marvin Tokayer
[ Background ]
Mr. Marvin Tokayer spent more than ten years of his life in Japan as a Jewish rabbi. And based on his experiences in Japan, he published many books and gave lectures on exchanges between Japan and the Jewish people. For this contribution, the Consul General of Japan in New York conferred the Consul General’s commendation on him in June of 2014.
[ Achievements for Japan ]
(1) Promotion of understanding of Japan among Jewish people
Mr. Tokayer has conducted activities to promote a deeper understanding of Japan among Jewish Americans through his writings and lectures. For example, he wrote a book entitled "The Fugu Plan". This book about Japan’s plan to receive Jewish people in 1930s and to then establish an autonomous region let the world know about Japan’s positive attitude toward Jewish people by aiding them in such dire times.
His latest book, "Pepper, Silk and Ivory" published in 2014, illustrated the contributions of Jewish people such as Jacob Schiff (a banker during the Russo-Japanese War) and Beate Sirota Gordon (who contributed in drafting the Constitution of Japan) towards the process of Japan’s modernization since the Meiji era (the late 19th century) and country’s post-war democratization process. This work shed further light on exchanges between the Japanese and Jewish people.
Mr.Tokayer’s lectures to many Jewish Americans on exchanges between Japan and Jewish people.
(2) Promotion of understanding about Jewish people among the Japanese
Mr. Tokayer, after his decade living in Japan, furthered his studies on cultural comparisons between the Japanese and Jewish people. And based on that achievement, he has published more than ten books for the Japanese. These works played an important role in promoting the understanding of Jewish people among the Japanese public.
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