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2014 Consul General's Commendation

Rabbi Marvin Tokayer
Rabbi, author, researcher, and educator
(Official Website: http://www.rabbitokayer.com/)
Career Highlight:

After the completion of his study and his ordination as a rabbi, Rabbi Tokayer served as Untied States Air Force Chaplain in Japan. Upon discharge, he returned to Tokyo to serve for ten years as the rabbi for the Jewish Community of Japan. He also wrote 20 books in Japanese, including several bestsellers. His investigation of historical relationship in Asia and the Jewish community, based on documents and tracking down of people throughout Asia, Israel, and Washington D.C. revealed the untold history of Japan and the Jews during the World War II. After his stationing in Japan, Rabbi Tokayer founded and led the Cherry Lane Minyan shul in Great Neck, New York for fourteen years. He has been invited to various public lectures as a speaker because of his enthusiastic presentation, scholarship, and annual tours for Jewish in Asia.
Rabbi Tokayer contributed to the promotion of Japan-U.S. friendship through his publication, both in Japanese and English, by deepening mutual understanding, especially between Japan and the Jewish community across the world.

First and foremost, in 1979, Rabbi Tokayer published a book, "the Fugu Plan: The Untold Story Of The Japanese And The Jews During World War II," based on the government documents and other materials, after his first service as the only rabbi in the Asia region and introduced to the Jewish community in the United States the relatively unknown relationship at that time between Japan and the Jewish in the World War II period.

During his stay in Japan, Rabbi Tokayer also published 20 books in Japanese to introduce Jewish history and culture to the Japanese public. He also held public lectures and deepened Japanese understanding of the Jews, such as the ancient Hebrew history, culture and so forth.

Furthermore, after returning to the United States and establishing the Cherry Lane Minyan shul in Great Neck, Rabbi Tokayer has led tours to Japan and other regions and provided public lectures to introduce Japan to the Jewish community in the United States and vice versa; his continuing works also contributed to the strengthening of the mutual understanding of Japan and the United States.
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