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Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia
Established in 1994, the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia (JASGP) is an association of individuals, corporations and organizations in the Greater Philadelphia region. Its mission is to bring the peoples of Japan and United States closer together in understanding, appreciation and cooperation by promoting and encouraging a better understanding of the business, cultural, social, educational and political practices and customs of Japan and the United States.

JASGP has educational, cultural and social programs focusing on US-Japan relations, which also provide opportunities for developing personal relationships with members of both the Japanese and American communities.

The Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia is an initiative to encourage a better understanding of Japanese culture. Set under the blossoming canopy of Philadelphia's cherry trees, the Festival is a chance to experience a centuries-old tradition that celebrates the fleeting splendor of spring like no other. This Festival has been held with support the City of Philadelphia, which is best illustrated by the Mayor's participation in Sakura Sunday, the largest event.

JASGP started the Community Tree Planting Project in 1998, seeking to beautify the Philadelphia landscape by planting and maintaining cherry trees in Philadelphia parks. In the spring of 2007, the JASGP finished planting 1,000 cherry trees to supplement the 1,600 flowering trees donated by Japanese government as a gesture of friendship in 1926.

In 2000 JASGP launched the "US-Japan Health Sciences Dialogue," a lively exchange for pharmaceutical stakeholders, government officials and academic institutions, to deepen understanding of the importance and problems of health care and life sciences that exist in Japan and the United States, and to promote exchanges and collaboration.

JASGP is the primary organization in the Greater Philadelphia region devoted in fostering relationships between Japanese and Americans.
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